Creative Director/ Co-founder

Leads the creative team to ensure visua wheaton college essay writing blogs essay writing website l content and new concepts continue to exceed expectations. A skilled Videographer, Editor, Producer and Director.


Managing Director/ Co-founder

Heads project & corporate relationship management with clients. Ideas development with creative director and team to ensure the best content is produced. Responsible for So Fraiche database of thousands of creative professionals.

Videography team

Videography team

Working with the best videographers/editors we are able to produce visual content globally. With our growing roster of photographers we are able to cater to our clients ideas and budgets.

Photography team

Photography team

With 100’s of photographers on our roster we are able to provide our clients with photographers who specialise in all photography.

Gen Y consultancy

Gen Y consultancy

Our extensive database of creative professionals, influencers and Generation Y lifestyle trends allow us to provide our clients with valuable up to date consumers insight. We also produce annual reports that can help our clients forecast lifestyle and consumer trends.

Digital Design

Digital Design

Sourcing the best talent via our database we are able to produce:



2D & 3D animation


Branding guidelines

Pitch and project campaign design

Product design

Aerial Filming

Aerial Filming

Using remote controlled multi-rotor copters (a.k.a drones) equipped with professional recording equipment this math homework jeffy’s homework i need help with my homework lesson 12 homework homework planner app allows us to offer aerial video services with stunning results.


A few sectors we provide services for:

Estate agents

Sports and Motorsports

Events and News

Construction Industry